Friday, 24 March 2017


Here's one for You...


...soft, all-rounded, nowhere flat,
no angles, edges, curved in places,
your contour-line geography's
to be explored and mapped by me.
Switched on, set to premium view,
you're box-office screening on my TV.

No drama queen playing roles
in on-demand series one to ten,
you're Juliet on your balcony,
there to be Romeo-ed by me.
Fit, in all the right places,
you're every hobby on my CV.

Thursday, 16 March 2017


This poem first appeared online in Tuck Magazine, in September, 2012. I thought it was time to share it again. Let me know what you think?

The Bushwhack

The ambush was sprung as dawn.
Emerging full sure, yet warily at first,

they crept to the fore,
├ęclaireurs, robed in grey,
imperceptibly lighter in shade,

cast off their cloaks and emerged
naked and ready for the fray.

Giddy with delight in a sudden onslaught,
they struck down the aisles,
silently, with no hooves of thunder,
no song of the sword on cuirass,

inexorable as the shades were rent
all at once, and insatiable.

Cowed and beaten, thwarted and spent,
what slaughter took place here;
was it victory or annihilation?

The vanquished seemed to shimmer
briefly, in that moment of death
before vanishing as suddenly
as it arrived
 -- the scintillating light of a new age dawn.

Exposed, the brittle bracken underfoot,
the fatally pierced canopy,
silk threads, incandescent in the air,

tethering the sky to the woods,
holding great swathes of pines in their place,

in the woods of Millbrook Warren.