Friday, 21 July 2017


Not another Sonnet!

OK, so maybe this should've been one of my entries for last year's Paragram Prize - on the theme of Paradox - but as I'd already submitted it elsewhere, prior to the competition announcement, I didn't offer it up to Paragram.

As it happened, it didn't get accepted for publication, so now it's here for your delectation, in all it's paradoxical glory. And there's an epigram to go with it. I'm sure you'll appreciate the connection.


"You have to be crazy to be in love, but if you're crazy, you can't know love, and if you confess to knowing you're crazily in love, you must be too sane to really be in love.” Y'sarian, the Elder. 

O shall I say it was love at first sight;
how could such madness strike us both? O Bette!
My eyes beheld your face aglow with light.
I saw how you saw me when first we met.

Then in your eyes I was refracted tall
and you for whom I felt I took each breath
said without me, you could not live at all.
O could there be such heaven short of death!

I felt that archer's tug below my heart.
You said you felt it too. A perfect match
it's true. We both fell crazy from the start,
but there in madness lies the double catch:

when once confessed to love, you're of sound mind,
which state precludes true love, I think you'll find.

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