Tuesday, 21 February 2017

A Battle Hymn for the Fourth Estate

Here's another topical poem to cheer you up. Be careful what you believe you've read and even more careful what you are led to believe; believe me.

A battle hymn for the fourth estate

I've seen and read the stories
and the falsehoods in the news.
Don't give a damn for truth,
it's all about the clicks and views.
We've given up the gospel for
the spin that now ensues
from the media and anon.

We have ceased to ask the questions
that all journos they must voice.
We have worshipped on the altar
of the evening news of choice.
We hear the lies presented by
the anchorman. Rejoice!
His smile beams on and on.

I've seen a livestream broadcast
from a ravaged land in strife.
I've found it was directed
in a hangar by the wife
of the cousin of a diplomat
whose wickedness was rife.
Their guile goes on and on.

We must sound the call for reason
and for truth; to not be weak.
We must fix within the hearts of men
it's of import truth to seek.
Be true and check your source
press men, for we must hear you speak.
Go print what's fit my son.