Saturday, 14 January 2017

For Syria - Bashticleer and the West

This poem took a long time to write. Not surprising, I guess, since it's 40 verses long. It was inspired by recent events and it's form is based on Robert Henrysoun's The Taill of Schir Chanticleir and the Foxe. You may see the first two verses draw heavily on Henrysoun's poem, and thereafter, I've continued in the same vein, using the form and structure of his moral fable, although I've departed from his narrative i.e., this isn't a modern rendition of that fable. It is, however, a modern fable, intended as an antidote to the fake news in the mainstream media, and using a wee sprinkling of anthropomorphism and personification. Here then is my tale of Bashticleer and the West. I hope you make it all the way to the end.  

Bashticleer and the West

Most all our beasts are lacking rationale,
having nothing but instinct as their guide.
But you might find that truth ironical
when thinking of those on the other side
of the evolutional divide: the Bear;
the Bulldog, famous for jowls and fight;
the Eagle, who knows that it's always right.

They are so different in their qualities,
each with its own degree of might or plight.
But still they have their similarities,
most all of which you'd spot with your insight.
And so my friends, I'll just jot down this tale
that made the news on telly all this year,
involving Dogs and war, and Bashticleer.

Once, there was a Desert Eagle country
that thrived in peace and earned itself esteem.
Despite its neighbours' wars, if you ask me,
it was a pleasant place, but then the theme
of rising spring was broached and brought a stir.
That led to calls for Bashticleer to go
and proud, the Rooster loudly crowed his No!

Now, his country was on a list of foes,
compiled by agents in the Eagle's nest.
You may ask why. Well that's the way it goes.
You know the minds of Eagles from the west.
To be a listed foe was shaky grounds
for goading insurrection overseas,
but Eagles don't observe the legalities.

One year in spring, some demonstrations held
against and for bold Bashticleer the Cock
were just 'me too' events until propelled,
by erstwhile allies who would turn the clock
a thousand years or more way back in time,
to armed attacks by snipers toting guns
they'd stored inside the Mosque of Noble Sons.

With wile and guile and vain contemptuous sneer,
the Horse cried, Neigh, it wasn't me, I gave
no weapons to those Snakes, dear Bashticleer.
At which the Cock, severe of mien and brave,
said, You can torch our towns and kill our kin
but know you this; you all will rue the day
you armed fifth columnists and looked away.

It's clear they sought to stitch him up with news
of brutal means employed to still dissent.
The papers 'round the world all aired their views,
prejudged in line with partisan intent.
The red-tops and the broadsheets told their lies.
The noose they thought they'd stretch around his neck
instead fell short, their allied plan a wreck.

I am my father's heir, cried Bashticleer,
and whomsoever follows me shall be
the choice of Gallus birds. Cowards here
demanding change – Chickens all – fail to see
through hooded eyes, I shall not be removed.
By those who rose in arms against their kin,
his message wasn't heard; they'd roused the Djinn.

And so the rebel Chickens gained their arms
as gifts from hostile beasts who'd sue for war.
The Foul next door, the Eagle, signed the forms,
signed up with all the Curs who formed a corps
of foes you'd never need with 'friends' like those.
A civil war ensued and Bashticleer
resolved to do-or-die. Give in? No fear!

The treacherous Redwings still had more to do.
By turning blind eyes on the border line,
they aided Dogs of War in passing through,
so freelance foreign fighters made the spine
of proxy rebel units gun by gun.
The funding of the Dogs, their arms, supplies,
was public knowledge undisguised by lies.

The war intensified and rebels took
control of many points. They thought they'd won.
The western press rejoiced with headlines, look:
RÉGIME IS DONE. They never had such fun.
But Bashticleer was not for giving in.
He stood his corner, fought and made his gains.
The price, too many Cockerels' bloody stains.

In time, the rebels' sponsors' wounded pride,
that pride of vital nation's vices worst,
gave rise to sneaky nods and winks, and tried
and tested means against the one they'd cursed.
They smuggled in a load of sarin gas
that rebels willy-nilly fired and blamed
on Bashticleer. Such Dogs would ne'er be tamed.

The case against poor Bashticleer was fraud:
he'd fired upon his own in city merged
with elsewhere's gas taboo. Both claims flawed.
Despite their 'evidence' the facts emerged,
but all the mainstream press ignored the truth.
The propaganda war was fuelled by views
expressed by allied states to spread #fakenews.

They claimed he shelled his own with sarin fuelled
Volcano rockets but – there was no fit
with what was found. And just because they willed
it true can not be grounds for guilt. The bit
they never told you was the reason why
results of tests were never publicized;
the Eagles simply can't admit they lied.

Things turned to worse when Carrion Crows appeared
in guise hirsute. A bearded Caliphate,
whose reading of the Prophet became feared
when oh so many met a halāl fate.
The Strutting Clucks soon filled a vacuum where
the guns of Bashticleer were not around
and those of rebels elsewhere to be found.

Now Bashticleer was fighting moderate rebels,
at least in theory if you read the news.
But tallied rebels in such numbers tells
you more about the counters and their views
...the numbers right, their motivation skewed.
Your mythic seventy thousand rebel stock
are terrorists and traitors, said the Cock.

The options for the Eagle in a huff,
if Carrion, poised to conquer far and wide,
became the ones to win, were clear enough.
They had to get involved to turn the tide,
to seem to be against the terrorists.
They turned from sending arms to flying planes
and blowing infrastructure up in flames.

The UN vetoed their request to act,
to get involved in-country on the ground.
So they resolved to just ignore that fact,
and send the planes to drop their bombs and pound
the bad guys with the beards, or so they said,
but truth to tell they dropped their bombs elsewhere
and made full sure the country was laid bare.

The Bulldog held a vote and got his way,
and joined in with the others flying planes.
They should have struck to make the Carrion pay
for selling oil to Redwings, but the pains
they took to look the other way were seen
to be contrived and far from free of guilt,
they were, each one, involved up to the hilt.

Those selfsame Redwings helped themselves to what
was used to drive industrial business growth.
They took machines from works and said, Ah but...
We're keeping safe your plant, they said on oath,
and sure we'll give it back, they promised too.
But what they did was plunder, pillage, steal
and capture all, against the commonweal.

They ganged up next, their indignation rife,
those beasts with morals high and pure and true,
and passed their sanctions, adding to the strife
that Bashticleer and his would suffer through.
The very ones whose covert acts began
the war were those who chose to blame it on
the guiltless through a mainstream media con.

In time the shit was seen to hit the fan
when rabid, fiendish zealots then appeared.
All deaf and heedless to the western plan,
they lopped off heads and laughed and sang and jeered
and said, Thanks very much. We'll fill the void
you've left with righteous zeal. Our Caliphate
will spread throughout the land with ire and hate.

Oh shit! they cried, that's such a bad result.
Rebellions call for change, but hey, guess what,
when proxies bail, it's all the master's fault.
They cannot steal our glory, so we'll shut
them down, the Eagle cried in feathered rage.
The protégés had shown their colours-true;
to bite the hand that feeds – a Carrion view.

So coalition planes took to the skies
and bombed their erstwhile allies; Hooded Crows.
But shortly, soon, quite quickly all their lies
became so plain to see. They reached new lows,
destroying infrastructure meant to bleed
resolve through pain from Bashticleer and hide
their real intent to barely stem the tide.

They launched their anti-Crow crusade abroad,
despite United Nations voting no.
Their claims to justify were nowt but fraud,
conjoint because their leader said, Let's go!
Avoiding trucks with oil on-route towards
the north and Redwing's borderline, they turned
their blind eyes to the ground. The truth was spurned.
It took the Bear, invited in to help,
to strike the convoys handling stolen crude
that made its way 'unseen' to Grey Wolf's whelp,
who sold it on with ease. You dare intrude?
the Wolf exclaimed and boxed its nose in rage.
We downed a plane, he cried out, fucking hell!
Oh big mistake. Oh deary me. Oh well!

The Bear, his head now sore, maintained his cool
and set about the task of clearing out
the proxy rebels used as Eagle's tool
for changing a regime. The Eagle's pout
was seen both far and wide on CNN,
while State Department stooges ranted, raved
and spoke of lines in red they should have braved.

The progress made then led to schemes and plans
to turn the tide of war in people's minds.
The propaganda war was waged by bands
of NGO reporters of all kinds.
In tweets and posts and videos from the hell
of cities under siege from terrorists,
they summoned tears on tap, and waved their fists.

In Oscar winning style, they filmed their acts,
in rescues bravely staged for mainstream news,
but failed to hide their glee when: here's a fact;
they posed with Carrion Crows. But those were clues
suppressed, denied, ignored by CNN.
Instead, it gave us views from deep inside
a council house in Bulldog's land supplied.

A Nobel Prize seemed once within their grasp,
but common sense prevailed and nonsense stopped.
The boldness of their claims would make you gasp,
yet folks believed; their intuition blocked
by brainwashed thinking it was true, because
they'd surely never lie on Channel Four.
All logic dies when truth is shown the door.

To win and then restore his land to peace
was Bashticleer's one wish. Defeat the foe
and then he'd talk about reform. To cease
the pain of war and have the rebels throw
their weapons down, no longer soldier on
with freelance fighting men who never tired
of waging war was much to be desired.

And when the writing on the wall began
to look as if old Bashticleer could win,
the Eagle played an ace and drove a plan
for talks about more talks on talks; a thin
disguise for time to resupply with arms
those blackguard Crows at bay in desperate dance,
and give the foreign Rooks a second chance.

They talked and talked, agreed a truce to last
for several days until the convoy came
with food and stuff they'd crave. Then came the blast
of shells from rebel held enclave. The blame
was tossed around, but who had most to gain;
the Eagles or the Bear and Bashticleer?
Who'd stall, delay, prolong the war? Oh dear!

And while they argued back and forth about
what sent the UN convoy up in flames,
the Eagle sneaked in planes, without a doubt,
to strafe the local forces. And his claims  
it was a misadventure fell like lies
as Crows began assault. Pure chance it seems.
But who'd believe such crap is lost in dreams.

A strike that lasted for an hour or more,
precision led and surgical we're told,
was hardly a mistake. When you'd set store
by pinpoint skill, the myth that we've been sold,
you'd disbelieve all claims they're error prone.
Oops! Sorry Bash. We didn't mean to kill
your guys. But hey, this shooter game 's a thrill.

When Bashticleer looked like he would retake
a major city from the Dogs and Crows,
the Eagles's best Psy-Ops began to make
their YouTube posts still more absurd. Who knows
if fake profiles and children's posts get viewed
by readers who are green or really dumb,
but reasoned thinkers fear they're simply numb.

With liberation nigh, they cast a cloak
of darkness over cause for untold joy
With tweets and monologues for Crows they croak
for lack of evidence. See through their ploy.
See how the mainstream media gets its 'truth'.
See how they spin Orwellian Psy-Op tales
of rebels under siege – beyond the pale.

Far from the myth of cute 'n' cuddly birds
rebelling at injustice under siege,
the Dogs and Crows are hardly short of words,
of hate-filled lies encouraged by their liege.
Those choppers-off of heads are glorified
by 'journalists' of fifteen minutes fame
who post 'exclusive' scoops. So who's to blame?

The syndicating bias against the truth
just demonstrates the depths to which they've plunged.
The mainstream media disregards the sleuth
whose stories fail to air as if expunged
from view like so much awkward background noise.
The crafted echo chamber just resounds
to what's uncensored by the Press Corps hounds.

And so my friends, I've written down enough
about the news of Bashticleer this year.
The winds of change have turned. With Eagles's bluff
annulled, it's clear the Bear and Bashticleer
are near to triumph now; to reinstate
the Cock-a-doodle-do and rid the coop
of Dogs and Crows and others of that troupe.