Saturday, 10 December 2016

The History of Middle Earth

The History of Middle Earth

You can forget your Frodo and that ring.
It was just a tall tale trope. The truth
you'll see is alien to the trilogy.

Unrest begat emboldened Orcs whose ire
burst out inflamed when first insurgents
blew up ordnance under Barad-Dûr.

And guided by a coalition
of invisible insurrectionists
who'd slipped in unnoticed vowing aid,

they forged fresh weapons from the bowels
of the earth. Flying flags and fearless,
the rebels rose like Ringwraiths in the spring.

While the Times of Minas Tirith spun
their democratic right to take up arms,
the Mail in Bree ran a different headline.

Its 'Murder in Mordor' only seemed to goad
the thugs of Aragorn into flying sorties.
Wizard stuff at the gates of Isenmouthe.

And at the end, with Sauron ditched and dead,
a would-be Arwen sought her crown
and crowed, We came, we saw, he died!