Thursday, 23 April 2015

St. George's Day

A poem for today...

St. George's Day

Follow your spirit and upon this charge
cry, “God for Harry, England and a Greek
who fought for Rome,” --but not at Agincourt.

He neither failed nor turned the other cheek
did Tribune George, a soldier first and more,
who served so well as Guard to Diocles

in what is now İzmit, by Turkish sea,
where tortured, cut up, down on knees,
he lost his head in A.D. 303.

The Christian martyr named by Bede the Scribe,
declared his love of Christ, like many since,
when on St. George's Day, refusing bribe,

he stared the Emperor down without a flinch
and dragon's scales of Satan shrugged aside,
he moved his lips to ask of God his grace.

That final act, before the pagan's pride,
sent Geordie on his way to find a place
in Catholic halls of fame; a Patron Saint

to be, with myths for fools. Kebabbed, expired,
twelve hundred years before the Bard would paint
in stirring words the deeds of Kings, inspired

to pen a speech for Hal, in verse writ large.

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