Monday, 13 April 2015


Here's a topical piece for you. You may see this as a diatribe on the state of politics in this country or you may see it as plagiarism of Carol Ann Duffy's eponymous poem. I prefer to see it as homage. It's a 14-line poem that's not so much a Sonnet; more of what I might call a Duffet.


Nothing changes except the names of them
as polls still show from then 'til now the public's less
engaged with party hype, not queuing up to vote
for members (scrub that – claimers), erstwhile wavers of flags,
red banners, blue ties, Eton dress, full of fucking righteousness,
of self-declared intent. Who knows, we're better than this:
door-steppers, loyalists, carpetbaggers, whitening-toothpaste
smilers all the whilers kissing bairns, seekers-out of photo-opps,
bending rhetoric 'round your ears, claiming it's all new
ways of doing politics, different, different, different shite,
changing ethics, honest Gov dot co UK, the right that calls
the centre left, for David steeled read Campbell clegged,
see Tumblr for your #AwkwardEd. The power you'll note

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