Sunday, 15 March 2015

Carpe stultum

It happened on the 15th of March, in 44 BC, and you can read about it in Wikipedia, if you wish to find out more.

...and here's the plan my friends, your ears
are lent so listen up. You'll hear
the signal given, have no fear.
We must act fast
as now the Ides of March are near
the die is cast.

We'll render unto him what's due
(A quote ahead of time). Us few
will tax his very life and hew
out Julia's spawn.
Go on, don't wait to form a queue.
By Rubicon!

The Consul here is off-the-page
so we'll ensure he earns that wage;
a sinner's death on Pompey's stage.
We took a vow,
there's no return, we must engage.
Let's do it now!

They fell on him and such their wrath
he stumbled on the steps. The math:
take forty men, get one bloodbath.
In Rome that day
the Liberators had a laugh;
Stab! Stab! Touché!

The die was cast and so they struck.
Poor Caesar just ran out of luck.
With final words of, What the phuq!
Et tu, Brute?

he vanished underneath a ruck;
a last cliché.

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