Sunday, 12 October 2014

Awkward Ed

Here's one I did earlier. It was posted on Jottify, where it got a phenomenal amount of views, which probably had something to do with the fact that it was inspired by 'Awkward Ed Milliband Moments' on Tumblr. That is billed as 'A non-partisan celebration of photo opportunities that create an air of cringe or a sense of awkwardness, involving the Labour Party Leader and Doncaster North MP, Ed Miliband.' My poem is written in the Standard Habbie (a form used by Burns and well suited to satire).

Awkward Ed

O you, who would this country lead,
who went to school and learnt to read,
and read the books that sowed the seed,
you are instead,
in Labour Party's time of need,
an Awkward Ed.

O would that it had fallen to
a better man than you. Know who
they be? That's right, there 's very few
who might've led
the Labour Party sure and true;
not Awkward Ed.

You said it falls to us to build
One Nation and we all were filled
with hope, but look at what you've killed;
the spirit's dead.
I bet ol' Davie Cameron 's thrilled.
Oh Awkward Ed!

We can do much better than this.
The slogan tells us what's amiss,
while Tumblr user takes the piss
with pics of Ed
in awkward moments. Get the gist.
O Awkward Ed.

The man in charge is Milliband
and Tories' laughter means we're damned,
but when applause is something canned
in tins of red,
the party's future is becalmed.
Oh Awkward Ed!