Sunday, 30 March 2014

From where I stand

This poem was inspired by a poem I read in Charlotte, North Carolina. It was inscribed on a bronze/copper scroll, lying on the ground at the edge of a green, below a 15ft. high column of bronze books. There were two such columns, and there were several scrolls scattered around, seemingly at random. An interesting public monument, to say the least. 

The poem I read was by Mollie Strawn.

It's called 'From where I stand'.

From where I stand, I see our planet
happit poles
colours, hues
climate change
many views

From where I stand, I see this earth
mountains peak
canĂ³ns sink
valleys rift
crater's brink

From where I stand, I see the world
all within
some without
rights and wrongs
turn about

From where I stand, I see your land
green and pleasant
clouded hills
mills nor mines
nation's ills

From where I stand, I see my ain
for a' that
common weal
canny folk
dare the de'il

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