Saturday, 25 May 2013

The Farmer – an Englyn unodl union

To his crops, he's a husband-- constant man!
Midwife on the grassland;
harsh, eternal, to withstand
shifting seasons on the sand.

PS; this is an Englyn unodl union, which is a traditional poetry form from Wales / Cornwall. It is primarily syllabic and has several fixed rules regarding e.g., number and pattern of lines, syllables per line, and the rhyme scheme - it's pronounced 'en-glin un-all uhn-yion'. You can read about Englynion in Wikipedia.


  1. I love this form Ian it is one of my absolute favourites, encompassing cynganedd as it does just weaves magic into the words - did you know that the warriors englyn form ( the simplest of them) was used by soldiers from the front when writing to their sweethearts in the First World War?

    1. Thanks Sally; I explored this form after reading one of yours on the Paragram blog :-) It's not as easy as it might sound, but I think I've got the elements of stress, alliteration and rhyme all in there. I hadn't heard about the soldiers using it; sounds like something to try.