Sunday, 3 February 2013

Listen all ye Philistines

Who plays the music that we choose
who listens to the rhythmic blues
who sings along or merely hums
who taps it out on ersatz drums
who knows the score and every note
who sings from gut or strangled throat
who's Acker Bilk to play that jazz
who rocks and rolls to
who loves it when the symbols crash
who loves to hear the Slayer thrash
who knows about the Glimmer Twins
who wears the headphones, calls them 'bins'
who likes a bit of Johann Strauss
who plays it loud in their own house
who cares about the seventies
who air-guitars on bended knees
who knows the day the music died
who's been moved to tears and cried
who knows a man with Blue Suede Shoes
who knows the chords to five-bar blues
whose album list includes Jim Reeves
who owns T'Pau's first two CDs
who's screamed at John, Paul, Ringo, George,
who knows a band from Valley Forge
who sang about the Southern Man
who threw it back, Neil Young be damned
who's got a friend in Mud Slide Slim
who moved the earth for Carol King
who smiles at Mars by Gustav Holst
who's heard of Batt and Mickey Most
who knows the Old Grey Whistle Test
who thinks the Beatles are the best
who much prefers The Rolling Stones
who plays the bass like John Paul Jones
who played guitar with Wierd and Ghoulie
who were the Martian Spiders, truly
who watched that man, the Man in Black
who paid to see Roberta Flack
who plays, performs, upon the stage
who's still in fashion, all the rage
who's never heard of Jimmy Page
who gigs, performs, for meagre wage
who's next, who's who, who lingers on
who's lived and loved and been and gone
who passed away and left too soon
who mourns for John and for Keith Moon
who thinks that Jimi died in vain
who cares if Kurt felt any pain
whose songs have just been re-released
who's headlined at the Filmore East
Who's Elwood Blues' elder brother
who's famous for that album cover
who's back in black in shorts and cap
who really likes explicit rap
who's Woody Guthrie's second son
who sang of Alice, on and on
whose restaurant's no longer, now
who the fuck is Alice, anyhow
who finished school at summertime
who taught Bob Dylan how to rhyme
who knows Pete Seeger's still alive
who didn't like it, all that jive
who was there at Yasgur's Farm
who thought the drugs would do no harm
who pushed for Janis in her prime
who was it wrote, if 6 was 9
who sang that song, I walk the line
who wrote the folk songs of our time
who sang so long to Marianne
who wrote and sang about Suzanne
who sings like Leonard Cohen does
who knows who Robert Johnson was
who wrote of travelling riverside
who learnt to play with bottle-slide
who sings the blues and plays guitar
who saw Tom Waits inside a bar
who's ever seen ol' Seasick Steve
who told the Monkees to believe
who's in a talent show today
who's Simon simply want to play
whose voice will win the prize this year
whose sound will grate in someone's ear
who'll make the Jedwards disappear
who's met the Reaper, never fear
who wrote a song called Little Wing
who told the Spice Girls they could sing
who sang like he was out of breath
whose legend lives on after death
who played with Taste, a sinner boy
whose music gave us all such joy
who's sang along with Vera Lynn
whose mother's said, turn down that din
who's not replied, that'd be a sin
who's played LPs, casettes, CDs
who's got some tracks on MP3s
who hates iTunes and Spotify
who's given a try
who's got Shazam to place the track
who knows the intro's got the knack
whose music makes you resonate
who knows why some, you really hate
whose notes are played, which chords are struck
who knows what makes us give a fuck!

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