Friday, 2 November 2012

Scare me silly...

Soon soon you will be gone vanished from view it won’t take long not as long as it takes for those holly and ivy creepers to spread their ever enclosing claustrophobically embracing growth over your exterior your upright surfaces your walls and roofs your balconies and balustrades until the original you the youthful you the built in 1836 you the pillars of you are consumed in green dark and mysterious dusty and serious alive and delirious encroaching enmity for no-one bothered to halt its advance on your behalf no-one seems or seemed to care as your seams are breached and other parts reached like a rude unwelcome infringing guest who turns out to be a predatory pest and what’s the name for a rapist of dwellings anyway maybe that’s a dwellist not a duellist that’s for sure although there’s something afoot that smacks of that maybe its the spectral shroud that lurks about the feet of your whitewashed walls that in themselves look like petticoats dragged in the rain groping for a feeling a reason to be stealing in or around or away looking for a way in perhaps no doubt wailing crying dead or just dying coupled with the spirit of the trees that have joined in the plot to obscure your lot the once tall cousins of the holly and the ivy in league with your foes the thorns of the rose who’ve bent ‘cross the road to whisper and scheme conspire and connive combine and thrive at your expense but send you no bill just make their withdrawals on your account while you can’t even shout for help if you could for there’s no-one to hear there’s nobody near and it looks like Ent’s feet the roots and the weeds will wring you to death and take your last breath like the war took the fools who courted in stealth their end in the earth soon so soon…  

(For Kellie Elmore's Free Write Friday; here's the link.)


  1. wow!what a mind whirl!!! love love love that you completely just go for the uninterrupted flow of stream of thought. makes for a ride of a read! fabulous! Thank you!

    1. You're very welcome! Thank you for introducing the idea/concept. It makes for a great end to the week - I might be hooked ;-)


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