Saturday, 24 November 2012


I give you platitudes for the multitudes whose attitudes are such that they disdain those dudes who've never been prudes those artists and poets and makars and mummers who've never known beatitudes from priests and preachers with rectitude who spawned their broods of killers in hoods despite their sponsoring of works of art with the pulchritude of many nudes in misty early morning woods in absurdly garish posturing moods gawping and gaping like serenely vacant outer shells of inner hells where freedom to think has become an inevitable ineptitude a certitude of inexactitude a morally absurd decrepitude that's persisted for an infinitude despite the overwhelming inquietude of a minority of enlightened fools who've been granted the latitude to think outside the paradigm and foreverly strive against those who sit at altitudes so high and mighty and readily scorn in casual promptitude the multitudes who absorb with fervent aptitude all platitudes well there's gratitude for ye.

[For Kellie Elmore's Free Word Friday blog, which you can find here.]


  1. Whew! makes me want to lie under a tree and hear you read this. Musical and intriguing. Where is the Like button when I need it. hugs, pat

    1. Wow! Now I'm intrigued by the tree thing ;-) Many thanks for your comment; very much appreciated x


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